Sunday, January 19, 2014

I had no idea you were drawing looks ! I recently found a comment of yours on one of my older looks on Lookbook and I'm glad I was looking through ! Wow. Beautiful work, dear. xx

Aw thank you so much!!!

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I know, it's a little selfish.. But I would love if you draw me, because your illustrations are all perfect!

Aw thank you!! I’m not currently taking requests right now though and this blog is stalled for a short moment. <3 But thank you!!!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

where are the brushes you promised us? :(

Still figuring stuff out. Gotta perfect em before I release em. Just need to find the time. It’ll happen. <3

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lookbookillust: Milan Boya

I’m starting to notice a trend in the looks I choose for this project. It seems i pick either very colorful looks or looks that have a POP of color. When browsing through today’s men on Lookbook, I came upon Milan Boya! I haven’t seen him before but clearly I’ve been missing out!
Milan has a very colorful and sensible style and he makes a great use of pattern and color. His personal fashion blog, My Schpajz, give a very pure and artistic view of his style. I’ve noticed he goes through phases in his styling. Currently he utilizes bright and boldly colored socks as an accent to his already colorful outfits and this is a detail that truly brings the outfit together. His blog is filled with gorgeously posed and composed photos of his photos and I can honestly say that there isn’t a one that i don’t like. He’s one of few lookbookers i’ve illustrated where I could forsee my self wanting to draw every single one of his looks! 
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jenny Cook of Hello Margaret

Jenny Cook of Hello Margaret!

Soooo I wanted to draw Jenny because she's been a faithful viewer of my blog. I always see her liking my new lookbookillust posts and this is kind of a thank you to her for the support! hahaha. I know it sounds lame but it makes me smile whenever someone likes a post of mine. It's encouraging and I can honestly say that the followers of LookbookIllust have really encouraged me to keep making art after i graduated! <3 So i thank Jenny and my other viewers for that. 
Jenny is working on starting her own Vintage shop online and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she does. I love her DIY projects and my favorite things she's posted was her Peter Pan Collar Peplum Top Tutorial. 
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Heather C of Effiesmakeupbox

Heather C of Effiesmakeupbox
So, last night I was finishing up my entry for last week’s Weekly Art Challenge and I was playing with a chalk brush of mine and kinda fell in love. So when i was looking for a new person to draw, i was looking for someone who I thought would lend itself to that process and I came up with Heather C!
To be honest 80 percent of the reason i choose her was because I am absolutely in love with Clueless ahahah! “Clueless” is the title of her look and it instantly sent me into this nostalgic adventure in my head. I went through a short phase where I got a bunch of plaid clueless style blazers so i really identified with this look. 
Heather is a DIYer, a blogger and a self-proclaimed Poke-freak. While looking at her blogs and her youtube page I realized that she had a thing for palm trees so I tried to put that into the design of this painting and i think it fit the 90s aesthetic i was attempting to evoke. She has these amazing nail designs that she sells and i love love love love her DIY stuff. Interestingly enough in terms of diversity in her DIY projects she has quite a bit; definitely a Jane of all trades. Her nail art is like…jaw droppingly gorgeous. Like gag me with a spoon! 
She was really fun to paint and I love her use of color in this look! Also, Heather C is the perfect name for a clueless/mean girls/heathers character. 
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Art Challenge 52: Red Bike, Calico Cat, Green Shirt


So this is my first ever Weekly Art Challenge entry!!! Hopefully I make it in time (probably not) but this week the challenge was to have a Red Bike, a calico cat and a green shirt!! I had fun doing this and really liked how it came out. :)

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